2017 Vendors


Family owned and operated out of Altamont, TN by the Diller family. Their chicken is cage free, no hormones, no steroids, or antibiotics. They are fed non-gmo feed and air dried.  The eggs are fresh from hens that are free range, happy, ranged on organic pasture and non-gmo feed.  They also sell organically grown hull-less popcorn. The kernels are heirloom seeds, non-gmo, organically raised, tender, & hull-less.  Which really has no hull, is very light and tasty too.
Mama Sue's Home Made Bath Products


Sue is out of New Market, AL and will customize any order you might have.  She carries a large line of  bath products.  Goats milk soap, Candles, Shampoo and Body Wash along with Conditioner, Natural Deodorant, Cocoa and Body Butter Lotions, Bubble Jelly, and even Spa Puppy Bath Bombs for your 4 legged friends.  This is only the begging of the wonderfully made, hand crafted products she makes.  All of her products are natural and only the best of ingredients are used.  
Raphael's Roastery


Fresh roasted gourmet coffee can be found at Raphael's Roastery.  Located in Coffee County on Coffee Street and owned by Mike Arnold.  There are so many flavors to choose from it is quite amazing!  If you're looking for a certain flavor, just let us know at the store and we would be happy to order it for you.  They are a specialty coffee roastery with single origin coffees, custom blends and flavored coffees.  They even carry a line of single serve cups!  They are also fresh-roasted and packaged fresh at their facility.  
Humble Heart Farm


All of their goat cheese is all natural, no hormones, steroids or herbicides. Located in North Alabama with more than 8 different standard flavors available.  This farm carries it's own all natural farmstead goat cheese that is not BAAAAAAD at all!  Farmstead Cheeses made from fresh pasteurized goat milk, cheese culture, rennet, salt, Herbs, Olive Oil or Honey are added for different flavors.  This cheese is so creamy and goes will with just about anything you can serve up!  Burgers, steaks, veggies, and even Texas toast style.  We always have it on hand.   
Bennett Bee Company


Family owned and operated apiary located in Holder's Cover in Winchester, TN.   Pure, RAW UNFILTERED, clean , and delicious LOCAL honey.  Their honey comes in quart, pint, and 1/2 pint sizes.  It's always fresh as we just can't keep it long enough on the shelf before it sells out.  We even have it with the comb on occasion!   


Family owned and operated out of McMinnville, TN.  Fresh produce all year long with the goal of raising the most high quality produce around.  Their fresh tomatoes and lettuce are added to our home-made sandwiches.  They sell a variety of things like okra, Georgia peaches, mini cucumbers and more.  They bring produce to a whole new level and our sandwiches.  :)